imeon application current smoother

Current Smoother

This application allows Imeon, after a 7-day learning period, to optimize the battery charge and discharge currents according to the production and consumption profiles of the equipped site.

Integrated into the IMEON OS. ONE operating system, the “Current Smoother” is an innovative application developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible free of charge to owners of an Imeon hybrid inverter.
Understanding the role of C-rate* in the process of charging and discharging the battery is essential for proper intelligent management of the storage. Charging the battery at higher C-rates may dramatically reduce its lifetime due to wear and tear caused by chemical reactions and elevated temperature, while applying lower C-rates may help to improve it. With this principal in mind we’ve developed the application which engages Imeon’s artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the energy production based on the weather forecast and past production data as well as consumption of electricity based on past consumption patterns, in order to adapt the charging and discharging process accordingly. After analyzing all the available data, the Imeon AI might decide it’s feasible to decrease the C-rate, for instance, by a factor of two in order to discharge the battery during a period of time which is twice as long. The result from the user’s perspective and the impact on the energy bill is the same, while the lifetime of the battery has been improved.
Much more than a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new software applications and working on projects related to artificial intelligence in order to improve the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of owners of IMEON hybrid inverters.
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* C-rate is indicative parameter linking current applied to the battery to its capacity since speaking of one and while omitting the other may not be representative. It is easy to understand that a current of 10A would be significant for a battery having 1Ah of capacity while negligible for a battery having the capacity of 100Ah. The charging rate of 1C denotes a current which would fully charge the battery in one hour – in case of the 100Ah battery this would mean a current of a 100A.