imeon application seasonal cutoff

Seasonal Cut-Off

This application allows one to configure 2 thresholds of battery depth of discharge (DOD), each depending on the availability of the public network, separately, for each month during the year.

Seasonal Cut-Off Application Interface

Integrated into the IMEON OS. ONE operating system, the “Seasonal Cut-off” is an innovative application developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible free of charge to owners of an Imeon hybrid inverter.
The DOD settings defines how much of the battery capacity can be discharged before it needs to be recharged. The DOD set to 50% figuratively tells Imeon “do not discharge more than 50% of the battery’s capacity”. The possibility to configure two separate DOD thresholds depending on availability of the grid is important if one requires reserving a certain volume of energy in the battery for backup purposes. In practical example, one can set the “DOD with grid available” to 50% and “DOD with grid unavailable” to 85%, which means that in case of a blackout, the inverter will be able to use at least 15% of the battery’s capacity to supply power to the essential loads, through a dedicated backup output built into each Imeon.
The availability of solar energy is not uniform throughout the year. In northern hemisphere, any solar photovoltaic array will perform better during June and July and will be underperforming during winter months of December and January simply because the days are shorter and the sun’s path across the sky is lower during that time of the year. Since the volume of energy available to replenish the battery varies between seasons it becomes important to assure that the battery is cycled accordingly. Making sure that the battery is fully charged throughout the year requires therefore different DOD settings, depending on the time of the year.
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