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The IMEON photovoltaic inverter has an intelligent operating system that can be accessed on any digital device (computer, tablet or smartphone) via WiFi or the IMEON’s Ethernet port. The operating system communicates with various peripherals such as a smart-meter or lithium batteries with the aim of intelligently controlling your autonomous home.

Event tracking
The timeline allows you to visualize all the events that occurred on the hybrid inverter.…
Choice of operation mode
  The IMEON hybrid inverter offers multiple operating modes (smart grid, on-grid, off-grid and backup) that…
More scalable
Unlike vast majority of the inverters on the market, the IMEON photovoltaic inverter is a…

Fast and simple configuration

Thanks to its integrated web server, accessible by Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, you can effortlessly configure your IMEON using any network-connected device.

Intuitive Interface

OS. ONE is designed to make its interface accessible and easy to use for all types of media. The various tabs allow you to visualize simple and quick way the essential information of your installation.

Available on any device

OS. ONE is a multilingual operating system (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech) available on any support: PC, tablet, smart Phone under Android, Windows and iOS.  And it is accessible from a simple web browser.

OS-ONE, Optimizes your production and power consumption

Improves your system’s performance in real time for optimal efficiency

Imeon OS ONE - Onduleur hybride

IMEON applications

The IMEON photovoltaic inverter embodies an intelligent Operating System accessible from any digital device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) via a wired or a wireless connection. The Imeon OS communicates with several peripheral devices such as the Smart Meter or lithium batteries and it is intelligently overseeing your autonomous home installation.

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Where can I find an IMEON reseller?

IMEON Solar Hybrid Inverters are procurable through a network of more than 30 distributors worldwide, covering nearly 70 countries. These partners are selected for their competence and capacity to provide you with an outstanding service.

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