Intelligent storage management

IMEON manages storage in an intelligent way to limit the usage of solar batteries. IMEON allows to reduce the necessary storage capacity and extends the lifetime of solar batteries.

Lead batteries

For decades, solar lead batteries (gel, agm, opzv, vrla ...) are used for energy storage. These solar batteries are reliable and much cheaper than lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries

In recent years, photovoltaic systems for self-consumption applications are using more and more lithium batteries (NMC, Liife PO4, LMO ...). The reasons are numerous: the volume has created a significant drop in prices, its lifespan is high and the yield is significantly higher than the performance of lead batteries. But also they are lighter, less bulky and have a better energy density.

IMEON and lithium batteries

To stay on the forefront of the latest technological developments in the field of energy storage, IMEON ENERGY develops strategic partnerships with leading battery manufacturers.

Kilowatt labs
Freedom Won
GS YUASA Battery

Where can I find an IMEON reseller?

IMEON Solar Hybrid Inverters are procurable through a network of more than 30 distributors worldwide, covering nearly 70 countries. These partners are selected for their competence and capacity to provide you with an outstanding service.

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