Backup mode

Thanks to its innovative architecture the IMEON inverter is capable of providing a backup power for essential loads. The IMEON hybrid inverter is a smart solar inverter that can be connected to the public electricity grid and manages a photovoltaic system and a battery bank. This battery bank coupled with IMEON inverter can provide backup power.

In some countries or geographic areas, the infrastructure responsible for the distribution of electricity is fragile and generates significant voltage and frequency fluctuations, leading to frequent power cuts. One of the advantages of IMEON hybrid inverters is the ability to provide a backup mode during these power outages. IMEON solar inverters are equipped with a dedicated output, called “Backup AC Output” which is fed with electricity coming from solar installation and batteries when the public electricity network fails. The installer must only connect the essential electrical appliances to this outlet to secure uninterrupted supply of power. Attention, it is important to make sure that the combined power required for all devices connected to this output does not exceed the power rating of the inverter.

There are two preprogrammed modes that include back-up functionality:

  • The Smart-Grid mode, comes with 2 thresholds of battery discharge which are configurable, namely maximum depth of discharge when the grid is present and maximum depth of discharge when the grid is down. It is important to define two different thresholds to assure that a certain amount of energy stored in the batteries is available for backup.
  • In Backup mode, when the network is functional the batteries are kept permanently charged. Battery discharge is only allowed when a power outage occurs. This mode allows you to dedicate the full capacity of the battery for backup power supply during network interruptions.

In both modes, the switchover time is 13ms, there is therefore no micro-power cut during the short transition period.