onduleur solaire hybride pour l'autoconsommation

Hybrid inverter

Hybrid solar inverter for self-consumption: the latest generation of photovoltaic inverters


A solar inverter transforms the direct current supplied by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current to supply electrical appliances of the equipped building. Although underestimated, it is the core of a photovoltaic installation and the key to the efficiency of the installation.

The latest generation of solar inverters is called hybrid, it is smart. Depending on its setting, the hybrid solar inverter will send the energy according to the consumption. He knows how to manage the various sources of energy. It performs, itself, the arbitration between the direct consumption of solar production, battery storage or grid injection.

Imeon hybrid solar inverters are part of this intelligent and powerful generation. With a power of 3 to 9 kW, they are perfectly adapted to residential and tertiary applications, single-phase or three-phase. The hybrid solar inverter IMEON is able to operate according to pre-programmed modes: Off-grid (not connected to the grid), on-grid (connected to the grid with the possibility of reselling its production to the network or simply the surplus), smart-grid (connected to the grid and connected to a battery park) or in back-up mode (connected to a battery park, it is able to go from an on-grid mode to an off-grid mode, thus securing the connected devices or systems as a freezer, air conditioning, VMC etc …)

Although it can operate in all configurations, with or without grid, with or without panels, with or without batteries, the IMEON inverters are mainly intended for photovoltaic installations for self-production – self-consumption with battery storage.