Energy autonomy

At present, global warming is an important issue. In our interest and that of future generations, it is urgent to react and find solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, largely responsible for climate change.

Around the globe, power production based on fossil fuels generates a significant part of greenhouse gas emissions. One of the solutions to reduce these emissions is to focus on carbon free renewable energies and more particularly on solar energy to produce the electricity we all need.

We can all act in this way by equipping our homes with individual solar installations for self-consumption in order to become self-producers of clean electricity, not generating CO2: living in an autonomous house in terms of electricity is a first step towards energy independence.

In addition to the clean and ecological aspect of electricity production using solar energy, photovoltaic self-consumption installation enables homeowners to reduce their dependence on conventional electricity suppliers and to clearly indicate their willingness to consume energy in a sustainable and responsible way.

Making your house energy self-sufficient is part of an approach identical to cultivating your garden, cutting wood to heat your home or collecting rainwater to water your garden.

Contrary to popular belief, making your home autonomous in terms of electricity is now possible by using self-consumption solar batteries.

For several years, the prices of components required for this type of installation have been steadily declining. The result is simple: today, the electricity generated by a solar self-consumption installation is competitive, in terms of price, with that sold by the electricity suppliers.

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