more Autonomy


Thanks to their open architecture, the IMEON hybrid inverters for self-consumption give users and installers the choice of the type and storage capacity of the batteries they want to install.

With programmable battery charging currents (5A to 60A for IMEON 3.6 and 5A to 160A for IMEON 9.12), it is possible to couple IMEON inverters with batteries of various sizes, ranging from 5kWh up to more than 100kWh. In this way, each installation can be sized according to the autonomy level the user wishes to obtain.

For example, the owner of a house, with a limited budget, who simply wants to focus on self-consumption and requires power for the lights in the household in case of one hour long power failure, can opt for a small capacity battery.

Alternatively, the owner of a site not connected to the electrical grid, with no budget constraints, can invest in a large battery bank allowing it to be 100% autonomous without adding a generator.