Configure your inverter

The IMEON PV inverter is easily configurable via the intuitive IMEON OS. ONE interface.

IMEON OS. ONE is a web application running on IMEON PV inverter. It allows, on a local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, a simple and quick parameterization of the IMEON PV inverter‘s functionalities as well as a real-time visualization of the entire system. It also allows the configuration of the inverter to connect to the internet.

Thanks to its integrated web server, IMEON OS. ONE is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), any type of operating system (MAC OS, Windows, Linux, etc.) equipped with a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.



The IMEON OS. ONE application is divided into different tabs allowing you to simply configure the essential elements of your installation:

Flow management:
Operating mode (Smart Grid / Backup / On-Grid / Off-Grid)
Standard in force according to the country of installation (VDE0126 / AS4777 / NRS097 / …)
Network injection options
Time and Date

Battery :
Technology / model used (GEL, OPzV, lithium battery and model)
Discharge only at night option
Option to charge by the grid at defined time
Battery capacity
Voltage and current of charge and discharge
Depth of discharge with and without the presence of the public electricity distribution network

The network :
Nominal voltage
Allowed voltage range
Nominal frequency
Allowed frequency range

The IMEON OS. ONE application also includes an application manager which allows you to enable or disable various features, as well as to add new ones. Applications are intended for individuals and professionals who’d like to optimize the PV system that uses IMEON PV inverter. IMEON engineers are working on or released the applications dedicated to lithium batteries which are compatible with the IMEON PV inverter (Pylontech, BYD, etc.), applications dedicated to communication with a peripheral device (generator, water heater, etc.) or applications for supervision (CO2 saving, Money saving, etc).