Best solar inverter 2018

Many advantages offered by renewable energy such as solar energy, from financial benefits to environmental benefits makes people switch to use solar power instead of using conventional power sources, grid electricity from historical electricity suplliers. This leads various solar manufacturers to offer their products, such as solar inverter.

A pv inverter is one of the most important part in a photovoltaic system. It is used to change the DC power gained from solar panels to power a household with AC current. Besides that, the new generation of home inverters, called hybrid inverters or smart solar inverters, have the ability to manage all the different energy flows coming from the grid, the solar, the battery or a generator. This new generation is now known as the best solar inverter 2018.

Currently, there are various types and sizes of solar inverter that can be found. The best solar inverter 2018 must be able to keep up with the future developments, both from technological and regulatory, in order to create a solar power system that can be more efficient and effective.

IMEON inverters

IMEON solar inverters are able to meet user requirements for both residential with generating small power up to small industries. IMEON 3.6 with a single phase system with capacities of 3 kW is suitable for residential and IMEON 9.12 with three phase system with capacities of 9 kW is suitable for commercial/industrial uses.

The Imeon hybrid inverter intelligently manages the solar system by initially directing the generated solar power to the loads. Only the excess power is used to charge the batteries. Battery discharging only takes place during time of high consumption, night time and during time of limited solar production, resulting in improved overall efficiency of the system and extended battery life. In this way, the self-consumption of solar energy is optimized.

Thanks to its embedded Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), IMEON inverter is able, will a real conscience, to adapt to its environment. With its Texas Instruments ARM Cortex that has been integrated, the IMEON solar inverter is design to progress and adapt to future development like connected devices, smart house, electric mobility, home automation, etc. An important effect coming thanks to the Artificial Intelligence is what we call “machine learning”.

Through machine learning, IMEON hybrid solar inverter is the only one that have the ability to learn the user habits. The solar production profiles is learn and then known to continuously improve the performance of the hybrid solar system. Equipped with 8 GB storage capacity, IMEON inverters can integrate updates in order to improve their capacities.

Indeed, Imeon Energy is constantly developing applications to helps users get the most of their energy manager for both individuals and professionals. Those applications will allow your inverter to continuously stay up to date with the latest technologies (IoT, electric mobility, smart home…)

Thanks to its innovative, IMEON inverter can provide backup power. The IMEON hybrid inverter is a smart solar inverter that can be connected to power grid and to a battery bank. With its UPS function, it instantly secures the power supply for essential devices (light, WiFI, Freezer, water-heater…). . It only takes 13 ms to switch between the grid to the backup mode, therefore there is no power outage during the short transition.

IMEON inverters are capable of being operated in various modes (smart grid, back up, off-grid inverter and on-grid inverter) to suit user’s needs. It is also an all-in-one inverter meaning that there is no longer a need for separate components such as charge controllers or added inverters.

IMEON pv inverters are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller. Solar charge controller is used to control inverter battery from excess charging.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and its innovative electronic design, the IMEON solar inverter is able to increase the overall efficiency of the solar self-consumption up to 30%. Real-time analysis of several parameters (power consumption from Smart-Meter site, production of photovoltaic solar installation, state of charge (SOC) of battery bank and status of public electricity distribution network) owned by IMEON hybrid inverter is capable to decide which energy source to use and how to use it. This process aims to provide the right value and avoid the losses generated by the solar power system.

Through the Internet of Thing (IoT), IMEON Energy continues to develop the best solar inverter 2018 by developing new applications. Our inverters are also integrated Wi-Fi and a web server to communicate with other objects. IMEON OS. ONE, its intelligent operating system, allows users to control and monitor the energy production and consumption. Developed with HTML 5 and with its intuitive interface, IMEON OS. ONE application enables users to check important information related to their solar installation. IMEON OS ONE can be accessed from any digital device and anytime while connected with Internet.

IMEON Energy continues to develop new applications to create the best solar inverter 2018 that can interact and control with new devices such as dryers, thermostats, washing machines or home automation systems.