5 years in advance!

Our new generation of inverters incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) noticeably distinguishes itself from the solar industry’s traditional approach to self-consumption.

A new era for the industry is emerging, characterized by key words: Respect, Compatibility and Innovation.

  • Respect: for the user and his habits, the environment and the planet, but also for the storage system. The reinvented solar industry must now take into account all of these elements.
  • Compatibility: with the leading technologies of photovoltaic solar modules, batteries, connected devices…
  • Innovation: at the center of our developments, the IMEON® inverter creates a technological breakthrough. It offers the best overall performance supporting the power of the Cloud.

The unparalleled reliability of our solutions for self-consumption allows us to warrant them for up to 20 years * thus revolutionizing this new solar industry.

* With warranty extension and active Internet connection during at least 95% of system operating time.