FIABEL: New partner for Morocco

The Moroccan company Fiabel, founded in 1999 and based in Casablanca, has signed a distribution contract for IMEON solar inverters in Morocco.

The contract was signed after a first order of more than 70 K € placed in early 2017.

Historically specialized in the distribution of electrical equipment for professionals, Fiabel is the largest distributor of Schneider Electric in Morocco.

Committed to innovation, Fiabel concentrates all its efforts to offer its customers the latest innovations and the best of the market. Proximity and customer satisfaction are at the heart of their approach. In 2014, for ease of access and accessibility for its customers, Fiabel moved into premises with an area of ​​approximately 5000 sqm, allowing more efficient management of a large number of references and a very large stock.

Fiabel wants to stand out from its local competitors by integrating solar-related products of European design into its catalog.