Training session in Czech Republic

On March 1st, 2018 Imeon Energy conducted a training session with around 50 installers in Prague. The event was organized by Frankensolar Eastern Europe, our local partner in Czech Republic.

This meeting allowed to introduce the company to the local installers but the main focus of the discussion was an in-depth presentation of IMEON inverter’s various features. This type of events are both popular and beneficial for installers who discover surprising capabilities of IMEON products. Professionals working on solar sites on day-to-day basis tend to quickly comprehend the simplicity of installation and configuration IMEON brings to the table thanks to the OS. ONE operating system. The IMEON monitoring platform supporting performance supervision of multiple installed systems has been met with sweeping appreciation.

For our partners at Frankensolar, the session was an opportunity to gather in Prague a group of installers ensuring their optimal training facilitating a better understanding of the product. In this fast-growing market, Imeon Energy’s self-consumption solutions with storage are perfectly adapted to the demand.