Power inverter


Power inverter or inverter is an electric power converter that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC inverter can be converted at any required voltage and frequency with the use of a transformer, switching and precise control circuit.DC current sources can be obtained from solar panels and inverter battery. Thanks to the power inverter, we can turn on home appliances such as TV, washing machine, computer, etc., which generally require AC power. The waveforms typically generated by the power inverter are pure sine wave and modified sine wave. These two sine wave inverters are the most commonly used today.

Pure sine wave inverter is the best output waveform because the shape of the resulting signal is like the voltage on the grid. The use of this sine wave inverter can also be used for all electrical devices. Modified sine waves can also be used on loads, but cannot produce optimal power, therefore the use of these sine waves is not recommended in modern equipment today.

There are three types of power inverter systems:

  1. On grid inverter/grid tie inverter system (grid connected, no inverter battery)
  2. Off grid inverter system (no grid connected, have inverter battery)
  3. Hybrid inverter system (grid connected, have inverter battery)

From these three types of inverters, hybrid solar inverter is now considered to be the most advance inverter and most effective one. The concept of hybrid solar system is to combine the benefits of on-grid inverter and off-grid inverter systems. In hybrid solar system, connection to the grid is use to feed the loads if the solar production is poor or to resend the excess power to the utility in order to the get the credit or money when solar production exceeds consumption and batteries are full.

Meanwhile, the use of an inverter battery is also useful to store the energy and use it at night or when there is a problem with the grid, such as when power outages occur. The use of solar batteries as a complementary component of your solar installation will help to reach energy independence and will decrease your electricity bill.

Thanks to the innovative electronics, an Intelligent Storage Management System integrated with the IMEON inverters is able to optimize battery life.  IMEON solar hybrid inverter technology is the all-in-one answer for true multi-energy sources management. Consuming one’s own solar production directly, storing in batteries for later use or in case of power cuts, and also injecting to or consuming from the grid only when needed, is possible. With IMEON pv inverter, save only the excess production and only discharge the power needed to complement the solar production.

Homeowner who does not require that much power or have limited budgets can choose a battery with a small capacity. While for those who are not limited with their budget or want a solar battery that allows them to be fully autonomy without adding a generator, they can buy solar battery with big capacity or a solar battery bank. In this way, each installation can be adjusted to the required autonomy level.