autonomie energetique

Energy autonomy

Making your home self-sufficient is now possible! Thanks to the solar self-consumption solution with IMEON storage, it is possible to reduce one's dependence on historical electricity suppliers by producing one's own renewable energy.

Global warming is nowadays a very important topic and it is urgent to react for the sake of future generations. One of the most important sources of the global warming is the increase of carbon energy consumption in the world. In fact, over the past 20 years, global consumption of carbon energy has doubled. On top of that, the price of kWh of electricity is increasing every quarter.

The solution to these problems is to achieve energy independence. Energy self-sufficiency means separating from electricity suppliers by self-producing renewable energy.

The IMEON Hybrid Inverter, as an all-in-one unit with integrated MPPT solar controller, battery charger, backup output and a public network input, is the ideal system for maximally self-sufficient house.

IMEON Hybrid Inverter is able to manage multiple sources of power in real time, in order to supply the connected loads. Unlike the traditional inverters which feed all the solar electricity to grid without knowing the consumption of the house, the IMEON hybrid inverter will use only the necessary solar production to supply the loads. The excess solar energy production will be used to recharge the battery. It is also possible to configure the inverter to block injection to the public electricity network in case of overproduction (low consumption and full battery). In this case, the inverter will automatically adjust the MPPT controller to reduce the production.

This process makes it possible to shift the use of the energy produced over daytime to use it when the solar production is no longer sufficient to supply the consumption of the building, by discharging the battery. The rate of self-production will therefore increase with aim to get as close as possible to 100% to have a self-sufficient house.

IMEON Hybrid Inverter can also learn from an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows it to make decisions, learn consumption patterns and therefore adapt the flow of energy in order to further increase the energy independence of the house and make the most of free electricity.