Unlimited free electricity

The sun, the wind, the sea, etc., are sources of clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive energies. They differ from fossil fuels mainly by their diversity, abundance and potential to be used anywhere on the planet. They do not generate greenhouse gases – causing climate change – or polluting emissions.
A free and unlimited source of electricity is a positive energy, unlike traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy which reserves are limited, clean energies like the sun adapt to natural cycles. Therefore, they come as an essential part of a sustainable energy system that allows current development without compromising future generations. In addition, their cost is steadily declining, while the general trend of fossil fuel costs is on an upward trend.
There are many ways to freely generate electricity from this unlimited energy. One of the most famous is solar energy. The sun is the most important source of free and unlimited positive energy on the planet. For example, if we take 100% of the light that Earth receives from the sun, in just an hour, we could cover the energy needs for all humanity during one entire year!
This solar energy, transformed into free electricity thanks to the photovoltaic inverters designed for self-consumption, is an alternative to save on the electricity bill, to reduce the energy consumption and to get free electricity in most remote places to our disposal.
The IMEON solar inverter, with its intelligent monitoring system, ensures at all times the balance between energy production and consumption with increased reactivity and reliability while optimizing the distribution of energy produced.
In addition to the demonstrated economic aspect, when accessing to a solar installation with batteries in to produce its own electricity (self-consumption – self-production), you are making a sustainable investment while contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of a new, ineluctable energy model based on free electricity and positive energy.