imeon application battime predictor

BatTime Predictor

The BatTime Predictor application allows the IMEON inverter to calculate how long the battery will be able to provide power before it runs out.

IMEON ENERGY’s development teams have designed the BatTime Predictor application to give users information about how long the battery will be able to power the equipped building before it needs to be recharged.

If, at first glance, the principle may seem simple since we all have a battery life indicator on our Smartphone, the calculation is much more complex for a home because its consumption changes constantly as electrical appliances start and stop …

In order to provide an indication that takes this last point into consideration, the IMEON inverter takes into account data from the “Forecast Consumption” application which, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, makes a forecast of the building’s consumption for the next twelve hours.

By cross-referencing the battery state of charge and consumption forecast data, the IMEON inverter is able to provide information about the remaining autonomy.

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