imeon application smart load

Smart Load

This application allows Imeon to intelligently turn electrical appliances on and off, choosing the best time for their operation depending on information coming from energy production and consumption forecast applications.

smart load

Integrated into the IMEON OS. ONE operating system, the “Smart Load” is an innovative application developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible free of charge to owners of an Imeon hybrid inverter.

The efficient use of energy generated by the solar array and optimization of battery lifetime are the two key factors which impact the profitability of your solar power plant. In other words, the better a solar installation performs, the sooner the investor, the user or a company, gets his investment back and start making money, of its solar system. It is easy to understand that an installation that performs in an inefficient way will produce less kilowatt-hours during the day and therefore its impact on the energy bill will be smaller. Similarly, any replacement of the battery bank due to usual wear and tear should be avoided since its contributing to the overall investment in the solar system.

To improve battery lifetime and to raise the performance of the solar installation Imeon has developed Smart Load application which involves using Imeon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze past solar production, the weather forecast and as well as site’s energy consumption patterns in order to automatically select and turn on certain loads at best time, using Imeon’s built-in relay or external relay switches. In practical example, the Imeon AI will know how much energy your PV array will produce during the day, how much time the system will require to recharge the battery and will know that if it switches on the washing machine at a certain time it will be possible to power it exclusively with solar production. It’s essential to understand that powering loads using only energy coming directly from the panels, without involving the batteries, is the most efficient way of using the solar energy since it eliminates losses related to electrical conversion and chemical storage. It’s simply cheaper. What’s more the battery which does not need to be discharged to provide power to the washing machine during the evening will simply last longer.

Much more than a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new software applications and working on projects related to artificial intelligence in order to improve the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of owners of IMEON hybrid inverters.

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