AI Inside

The IMEON hybrid inverters for solar self-consumption are the heart of any installation dedicated to photovoltaic self-production with batteries. With artificial intelligence, IMEON solutions are true energy managers that adapt to their environment. IMEON is much more than just a solar inverter!

Thanks to the integrated Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor, IMEON ENERGY solutions are designed to evolve, keeping up with future developments, both regulatory and technological: connected devices, smart home, electric mobility, home automation, etc. IMEON hybrid inverters for solar self-consumption have an internal memory capacity of 8 GB foreseen for software updates and newly developed features.

IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new applications to enable users to optimally exploit the capabilities of their solar inverter for self-consumption. An application manager, integrated into IMEON OS. ONE offers many software modules dedicated to the management of solar installations integrating a hybrid inverter. IMEON is more than just a solar inverter, it’s a smart system that is constantly evolving!

IMEON inverters learn user habits and solar production profiles and adapt their operation through a machine learning process. This process aims to make increasingly relevant choices to increase the autonomy of homes and other equipped sites. IMEON ENERGY is the only manufacturer to design inverters with the ability to learn to continually improve their performance.

Choosing an IMEON hybrid inverter for solar self-consumption today is heading for the future.