IMEON hybrid inverter improves the overall efficiency of a solar battery self – consumption system by up to 30% thanks to its patented innovative electronic design and integrated artificial intelligence.

To achieve this, IMEON hybrid inverter performs a real-time analysis of several parameters: the power consumption of the site (Smart-Meter), the production of the photovoltaic solar installation, the state of charge (SOC) of the battery bank and the status of the public electricity distribution network. In function of these parameters and the objectives set by the user, the artificial intelligence of the IMEON hybrid inverter will decide which sources of energy to use and how to use them: direct consumption, storage in batteries or injection to the public electricity distribution network. Thanks to this process, each kWh generated by the photovoltaic system can be appropriately valorized and the losses are avoided.

In addition to that, the electronics of the IMEON hybrid inverter, which are based on the architecture of a grid – connected solar inverter, also contribute to improving the overall efficiency of the solar self-consumption system. This architecture allows the direct use of the electricity generated by the solar panels without causing losses associated with conversions necessary for charging the battery bank. IMEON hybrid inverter only charges the part of solar production which is not consumed directly (excess production). This latter may seem obvious but it turns out that the majority of solutions available on the market for solar self-consumption with storage effectively charge almost the entire solar production to the battery before it is ready to use. This point is essential when considering efficiency, since the storage itself can generate significant losses, which vary depending on the type of the batteries.

The essential aspect of solar self-consumption is a possibility to generate a kWh which is competitive, in terms of price, with a kWh purchased from the public electricity distribution network. It is easy to understand that each efficiency percentage point gained during production, lowers the price of solar-generated kWh and that IMEON hybrid inverter, simply by its design, improves the profitability of a solar self-consumption installation.