onduleurs IMEON

smart inverter

The IMEON smart inverter can be installed in various configurations (solar electrification of isolated site, self – consumption with or without batteries on network-connected site, backup …) and it adapts to its environment in real time. The smart inverter is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence that makes IMEON the real nerve center of your solar energy system. Much more than a simple solar inverter, IMEON is a smart energy manager that stores and analyzes several thousand parameters in real time (concerning batteries, solar production, network status, frequency, voltage, consumption, power fed to grid…) in order to adjust its behavior using a process known as “machine learning”, taking into account the objectives of the user: autonomy, securing power supply, savings …

The OS. ONE interface provides access to multitude of applications that make IMEON unique, suitable for every usage and every user profile. New applications are continuously developed by IMEON ENERGY engineering teams and subsequently integrated into the IMEON OS. ONE library.

Incorporating a Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor, IMEON ENERGY solutions are designed to evolve and adapt to future developments, both regulatory and technological: connected devices, smart home, electric mobility, home automation, etc. IMEON smart inverters have an internal storage capacity of 8 GB allowing them to effortlessly integrate the updates necessary for their evolution.

By outfitting your solar installation with a smart inverter from IMEON ENERGY, you choose a scalable system that tomorrow will always be at the forefront of technology, constantly incorporating the latest developments. With IMEON, you do not have to replace your inverter to upgrade your installation, you can just update it with one click.