installation photovoltaïque

Supervise your photovoltaic installation

Users of a photovoltaic installation equipped with an IMEON hybrid inverter can monitor the operation of their system in several ways:

If the installation is connected to the web, the user can connect to the IMEON ENERGY web portal, from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. In order to have access to this web platform, the installer who has carried out the photovoltaic installation must first create an account for his client.

On this web monitoring platform, the user will have remote access to all the historical operating data of his self – consumption system: electricity generated by the photovoltaic plant, part of the production consumed directly, of the production stored in the battery bank, part of the solar production injected into the public electricity distribution network. It is important to remember that connecting your IMEON inverter to the web affords a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If the inverter is not connected to the web, the user can access the IMEON OS. ONE interface locally, which allows to view simplified data concerning the operation of its photovoltaic system. To access this data, stored in the internal memory of the inverter, the user can connect directly to the IMEON, via WiFi.