By acquiring an IMEON ENERGY solution for solar self-consumption, the user saves a lot of energy and proportionally reduces his electricity bill. Solar self-consumption is a sustainable way to guard against the announced increases in electricity costs for years to come. With a well-sized photovoltaic self-consumption solution, it is possible to reduce the electricity consumption of your home by 20% to 80% or more.

IMEON hybrid inverters for solar self-consumption adapt to the user’s budget. It is possible, at first, to equip your home with an IMEON 3.6 or 9.12 without batteries in order to limit the initial investment and to evolve the installation by adding a storage afterwards (you can use lead or lithium batteries). Note well that it is mandatory to use batteries for solar installations on isolated sites.

For grid-connected, self-consumption installations, if the user does not know exactly how much electricity is being consumed and it is therefore difficult to optimally scale the required battery capacity, it may be wise to start self-consumption without batteries. This is often the case for new constructions, for which it is difficult to predict the precise consumption profile. The installer will be able to set up a hybrid IMEON inverter without batteries and evaluate self-production rate after, for instance, one year of operation in order to scale the storage according to this parameter.

Adding batteries to the solar self-consumption system will not require any major changes. It will be enough to add a battery circuit breaker as well as the necessary fuses for the protection of the storage. Thanks to the modularity of its solutions, IMEON ENERGY allows the number of people to save energy.

The lifespan of solar modules is generally more than 30 years, investing in a photovoltaic system is therefore a choice that will allow the user to achieve energy savings over the long term.