imeon application smart load

Smart Load

This application allows Imeon to control electrical devices (via built-in or external relay) and to…
imeon application ai care

AI Care

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, this application anticipates possible failures of Imeon inverter and sends information…
imeon application battime predictor

BatTime Predictor

This application allows Imeon to estimate the energy reserved in the battery, the relative energy…
imeon application web report

Web Report

This application allows the users of Imeon inverters to automatically obtain a summary of the…
imeon application current smoother

Current Smoother

This application allows Imeon, after a 7-day learning period, to optimize the battery charge and…
Imeon app battery cycle

Battery Cycle

Thanks to the Battery Cycle application, Imeon will count the number of cycles made by…

Virtual Power Plant

This application enables the control of one or more virtual power plants consisting of IMEON…